Zebra Blinds are hybrids of a standard blind and roller shade that allows transition between sheer and privacy. They are extremely versatile and can fit in any style home. Zebra blinds allow you to adjust the natural light levels by simply pulling the chain. It offers wide variety of fabric, texture, and color options available. It also protects furniture and floors from the sun and when closed it blocks out 99% of UV rays.



Wooden blinds feature a number of horizontal slats that are linked together by a cord pulley system and also called as Venetian. These blinds are very durable and highly functional insulator. Wooden blinds can also be arranged in various positions, depending on the amount of privacy and natural light you require.


Honeycomb or Cellular blinds are very attractive, popular and energy efficient. Cellular blinds are available in single cell or double cell. There are many advantages of these blinds that include insulation, privacy and light control. If you prefer a very calm and quiet environment, cellular blinds help block out some of the outside noise.


Roller blinds are blinds that unroll to cover windows. They are also very functional in blocking out light or light control, insulation provision as well as provision of privacy. It is simple, practical and durable blinds made from a single piece of specially manufactured, long lasting fabric and very popular for homes and businesses alike.

They are very easy to maintain as well. A vacuum cleaner is used to clean accumulated dust while damp cloth is enough for minor stains.



Vertical blinds are shades in which the slats, or vanes, run up-and-down instead of left-to-right. They are vertical in lengths of fabric that are clipped to a sliding track at the top and operated with a plastic wand or chain. They are very easy to main because they hang vertically and they collect less dust. It is a perfect fit for sliding doors or for rooms with wide window and a good solution for hard-to-fit bay windows

Vetical Blinds